Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers for your commercial needs in Coleraine


All Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers are powerful, precise and efficient to give you great results every time. Their overall robust design increases service life and prepares the hedge trimmers for tough commercial work for your Coleraine County business. Looking to complete your professional toolbox with a mower or chainsaw ? We can help you there as well!

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Hedge Trimmers

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Petrol Trimmers

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Grass Trimmers

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Battery Trimmers

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Fewer fumes

Husqvarna hedge trimmers are fitted with Husqvarna’s unique X-Torque engine technology which emit up to 75% less fumes and use up to 20% less fuel.

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0% petrol - 100% performance

Our professional battery hedge trimmers offer similar performance to that of their petrol equivalent.

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Sustainable friend

Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers deliver performance and long lasting power – in a trouble-free way.

Double-sided professional hedge trimmers

Double sided professional hedge trimmers are designed for shaped sections of hedges. They offer efficient and comfortable operation with features such as Smart Start, LowVib and adjustable handle on most models. These are the perfect hedge trimmers for commercial use in Coleraine, helping you do the job quickly and easily.

Single-sided Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers

For long straight hedges. Single sided Husqvarna professional hedge trimmers make it easy to make straight cuts with precision and allow for longer blades to cut wide hedges in one sweeping movement. This helps reduce the time it takes to get the job done.

Battery powered professional hedge trimmers

Low noise. No direct emissions. Low vibrations. Perfect balance. High performance. Extremely low operational cost. These are some of the criteria of an excellent professional hedge trimmer, and that’s exactly what you get with the Husqvarna professional hedge trimmer battery series. They are lightweight and perfectly balanced to facilitate comfortable work, even when trimming for extended hours around Coleraine County.


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