Battery & petrol hedge trimmers for your garden needs in Coleraine


Our cordless battery and petrol Husqvarna hedge trimmers are ideal for jobs around the garden in Coleraine County – regardless of whether your hedge is small with eye catching detail or you need to use an extendable hedge trimmer to create a tall and lush masterpiece. We also supplyprofessional hedge trimmers for all your garden business needs! You will be able to work a long shift whenever you need, as a Husqvarna hedge trimmer will always provide you with strong performance and long lasting power in a trouble-free way. Contact us today to learn more!

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Professional Hedge Trimmers

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Petrol Trimmers

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Grass Trimmers

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Battery Trimmers

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Our Husqvarna hedge trimmers can get the job done in Coleraine County

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Reach your target

Extendable hedge trimmers with optimum ergonomics and robust design.

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A sustainable friend

Husqvarna hedge trimmers deliver performance and long lasting power – in a trouble-free way.

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Fine-tune your use

Adjustable cutting bars bring you versatility, better comfort and makes the work less tiring.

Maximise your working time with a top notch hedge trimmer

Working on battery power with our cordless hedge trimmers will not slow you down. Our lightweight and quiet cordless battery hedge trimmers will allow you to maximise your working time thanks to a powerful new battery pack, giving you all of the performance of a petrol hedge trimmer.

Providing all-round safety and comfort in Coleraine County

You can be sure your Husqvarna hedge trimmer will be completely safe and comfortable to use. The rear handle is adjustable enabling you to cut the sides and top of your hedge and the extended cutter on the long reach pole hedge trimmer makes light work of the tallest hedges. Full adjustability also makes our trimmers less tiring to work with.

Many Husqvarna petrol hedge trimmer models are equipped with an auto return stop switch, meaning that when the machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically returns to the start position for easier starting. This way your trimmer will be ready whenever you are.

Husqvarna hedge trimmers with true ergonomic benefits

Your working conditions are our concern. That’s why we have put so much thought into the ergonomic details of our hedge trimmers. The effective anti-vibration dampeners on all our Husqvarna hedge trimmers absorb vibration, sparing your arms and hands from soreness. And thanks to the engine position exhaust fumes on our petrol hedge trimmers are diverted away from you, and for additional comfort certain models also have soft-grip handles.

Long reach hedge trimmers for even the toughest jobs in Coleraine

Maintaining tall hedges can often be a troublesome task and often involves a ladders. Long reach hedge trimmers allow you keep keep your feet on the ground and work safely. The perfect pole hedge cutter is well balanced and allows you to keep the trimmer upright without fighting against gravitational forces. An extendable hedge trimmer (often referred as telescopic hedge trimmers) allows you to change the length of the shaft depending on the height of the hedge you are cutting.


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