Combi-trimmers can be the most versatile tool to maintain your Coleraine garden


Husqvarna combi-trimmers are the perfect choice if you want to have a truly smart and versatile work tool to keep your Coleraine garden looking beautiful. You only have to start and warm up one machine – then you are able to quickly and easily switch between many attachments to deal with all kinds of tasks – all year round. Choose from a wide range of attachments to turn your combi machine into a trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger, pole saw, tiller or sweeper. A combi-trimmer also means less space needed for storage as well as less time and money for maintenance and service. Looking for a battery or petrol trimmer instead? Take a look at our wide selection of gardening tools!

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Hedge Trimmers

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Battery Trimmers

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Professional Hedge Trimmers

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Petrol Trimmers

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Grass Trimmers

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Husqvarna combi-trimmers are the perfect tool for your needs in Coleraine County

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Easy to Start

Our Smart Start® feature reduces the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%, making them easy to start.

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Convenient use

With the combi machine you are able to deal with all kinds of tasks

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Accessorise it

Adjust your machine to suit your garden’s needs in Coleraine. There are several attachments and accessories available.

Explore the combi-trimmer attachment range in our Coleraine showroom

By choosing a combi-trimmer you can explore our wide range of attachments to create a machine that best suits your needs. Each attachment offers a quick connection, durable design and sufficient power to trim dense grass, cut vigorous bushes, blow or sweep huge piles of leaves and clear debris. Come into our Coleraine showroom and see for yourself!

Enjoy highly efficient work with our combi-trimmers – at whatever height

We never compromise when it comes to power, durability and productivity of our Husqvarna combi-trimmers. Therefore, we have designed our combi trimmers to work as equally well as our conventional machines. This means that you can enjoy convenient and powerful pole sawing, as well as highly efficient and reliable cultivating in Coleraine County.

Our combi-trimmers deliver reliable performance every time

The engine units, together with all attachments, are as powerful and efficient as the conventional trimmers, pole saws, hedge trimmers, and so on.This equivalent power gives you a reliable workmate that helps you get the job done every time. And if you’re ever having issues, just contact our reliable team at A McIlrath & Son for any questions or maintenance issues.


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