Petrol leaf blowers for every job in Coleraine County


Whether clearing leaves or cleaning up your garden, petrol leaf blowers are great for keeping your Coleraine space spick and span. What’s more, with Husqvarna petrol leaf blowers, you can choose a petrol leaf blower which specifically matches the task at hand.

Take our 580BTS model, for example – this is the most powerful petrol leaf blower in our range and is a great option if you’re looking to clear spaces bigger than half an acre. Want something smaller and better suited to residential jobs? Look no further than the 525BX.

More interested in a battery leaf blower? We can help you out there too!

Leaf Blowers

Leaf Blowers

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Cordless Leaf Blowers

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Tillers & Cultivators

Discover the benefits of a Husqvarna petrol leaf blower in Coleraine County

A Mcilrath and Son

Kind to the environment

Our X-TORQ® engines help to reduce harmful exhaust emissions in Coleraine county by up to 75%.

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Go the extra mile

Our Husqvarna petrol leaf blowers come with a unique intake air cleaning filter so that you can stay out for longer.

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Easy to use

As well as packing a serious punch, our leaf blowers are designed to make you feel as comfortable as possible, no matter how taxing the job.

Petrol leaf blowers with high capacity

We know when there is a big task at hand, the last thing you want is cumbersome equipment. That’s why we supply petrol leaf blowers with reliable X-TORQ® engines, a motor which churns out 1.6kW of pure petrol power.

Along with an X-TORQ® engine, all of our petrol leaf blowers come with super-efficient fans so that air flow speeds up instantly and effortlessly. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Husqvarna petrol leaf blowers have a natural fit

Not only are we proud of how our products perform, we also love how they make our users feel. And when it comes to our petrol leaf blowers, we think we’ve ticked all the boxes.

Easy to use, lightweight and slick, our petrol leaf blowers are both professional and pain-free. Designed with our Coleraine customers in mind, our blowers come with adjustable handles, LowVib® dampeners and ergonomic handles – perfect for when you need to change up your grip.

Petrol leaf blowers with improved design

If you’re eager to buy a petrol leaf blower but have concerns over the damage they could cause to the Coleraine County environment, we can offer you peace of mind.

As people who live and breathe the great outdoors, we have specifically designed our petrol leaf blowers to not only reduce pollution, but to also offer improved fuel efficiency by up to 20%(compared to standard petrol models).


Learn more about our petrol leaf blowers by getting in touch today or stopping by our Coleraine showroom!

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