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Can a battery leaf blower really be as effective as a powerful petrol driven machine? The short answer is yes. Our Husqvarna battery leaf blowers are driven by innovative battery technology. It will not only give you high performance, but also has a low noise level, class-leading ergonomics and usability in Coleraine County. A Husqvarna battery leaf blower can be used both outside and for indoor tasks, such as clearing litter. It has perfect balance, an instant start, cruise control and boost power mode. We offer a selection of both cordless and petrol leaf blowers, so you are sure to find the perfect tool for your needs!

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Cordless Leaf Blowers

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Petrol Leaf Blowers

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Tillers & Cultivators

Husqvarna leaf blowers for every need in Coleraine County

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Clean from inside and out

A Husqvarna leaf blower can be used for many reasons – clearing leaves in the garden and cleaning other outdoor places.

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Take away the strain

Finish without getting tired and worn out. Our garden leaf blowers are ergonomically designed and will take the strain away from your back and arms.

A Mcilrath and Son

Gone with the wind

The powerful, easy-start engine in combination with an effective fan gives you high air speed and high airflow.

Our brushcutters have less influence on the Coleraine County environment

At A McIlrath & Son, we believe in selling brushcutters and other garden tools that minimize our strain on our environment. A Husqvarna petrol brushcutter is equipped with the unique X-TORQ® engine. It will help you reduce the exhaust emissions by up to 75% and will increase your fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

Most of our Husqvarna brushcutters come with an auto return stop switch. This means that when your machine is turned off, the stop switch automatically return to the start position for easier starting. This way your machine will always be ready start when you are.

Our battery-powered cordless brushcutters are powered by the same interchangeable Li-ion battery as all Husqvarna battery products, so you can swap batteries with another Husqvarna product whilst the other is charging. A Husqvarna battery brush cutter provides professional performance at a low price, with zero emissions and quiet operation.

Tough jobs don’t have to be tough on you with our leaf blowers

With the help of our Husqvarna leaf blowers you can finish your job without getting tired and worn out. All of our leaf blowers and combined garden blower & leaf vacuums are ergonomically designed and will save your back and arms from excessive strain. The smart handle minimises tiring vibration and can be angled on most of our backpack blowers. Many have rubber inserts for a stable, comfortable grip. The load-reducing harness makes your Husqvarna Backpack Blower comfortable and easy to use. Don’t worry about disturbing the neighbours – our battery leaf blowers are designed to be very quiet.

Husqvarna leaf blowers – a smarter choice for the environment

The environment is our mutual interest and concern. Together we can reduce our impact on it by making smart choices. The X-TORQ® engine in our petrol leaf blowers will reduce harmful exhaust emissions by up to 75% and increases fuel efficiency by up to 20% compared to previous models without X-TORQ.


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