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With A McIlrath & Son’s help your tools will always be razor sharp

Blunt blades, dilapidated housing and faulty engines are not only dangerous they can seriously compromise the quality of your finished job. We have a fully equipped workshop at our showroom in Aghadowey and are authorised to service all Husqvarna garden equipment.
With an extensive stock of spare parts for all makes and models of garden machinery, bring your faulty equipment to us and we will give it a thorough overhaul, replace worn components and have it back to you in no time.

Our workshop can help you with

  • Repairs on all garden machinery including mowers, chainsaws and power cutters
  • Manufacturer standard servicing in line with your warranty
  • Spares and replacement parts for all Husqvarna equipment
  • Chainsaws sharpened while you wait
  • Mail order service on all spare parts 

Expert repairs and maintenance 

strimmer wire


Tap-n-Go function automatically feeds line when head is pushed into the ground. 
X variants for longer working life due to a Tap-n-Go button with ball bearing. T35 Universal includes adapters that allow it to be attached to most other trimmers.

tractor loading ramps

Especially designed for the easy loading, unloading of tractors as the arch shape prevents any fouling of the cutting deck. Corrosion resistant aluminium with anti-slip surface for traction in wet conditions. 
200 mm wide and 2000 mm long with a maximum load of 450 kg.

chainsaw chains

By combining high quality materials with
product development based on the
demands of forestry professionals, we can specify the bar and chain combinations that deliver maximum efficiency with your Husqvarna chainsaw.

chainsaw bars

By combining high quality materials with
product development based on the
demands of forestry professionals, we can specify the bar and chain combinations that deliver maximum efficiency with your Husqvarna chainsaw.
trimmer line


Our trimmer heads, trimmer lines and blades are designed to do more than simply cut. Their outstanding design, high quality materials and facilitating technology offer top level performance, efficiency and safety.


Efficient and robust moss rake for removal of
moss. To be weighted with up to 32 kg depending on ground conditions. 
Width 102 cm. 
Fits the ™––400-, 300––- and 200––-series.


Spacious trailers made of sturdy steel. Folding
tailgate for easy loading and unloading. Loading dimensions (L × W × H): 275•
125• × 83 × 31 cm, load capacity 225 kg. 
Fits the ™400––-, 300––- and ¢–200-series.


To be used together with a chainsaw hook for
connecting the chainsaw to a belt. Elastic design. Measures 0.5 m when relaxed and 1.25 m fully stretched out.


Install roller to ride-on mower and fill it with water or sand. Use the roller for levelling uneven ground or pack down newly sown seed.
NGK spark plug

ngk spark plugs

Spark plugs play a vital role in producing the maximum power from your engine whilst keeping fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum.  Ensure you get the best from you engine by choosing the correct, high quality spark plug.


For your chainsaw to operate effectively, safely and with precision it is vital to have a sharp chain.  A sharp chain will produce fine, even wood chips. While a dull chain generates sawdust. You’ll need a round file, a flat file
and a filing gauge to file a chain. We also recommend that you use a stump vise to hold the bar, leaving both hands free for filing.

husqvarna two-stroke oil

Husqvarna oils are optimised according to the development of their engines.  They use synthetic and highly refined mineral oils, that together with the specially developed additives, will bring perfect lubrication, seizure protection and cleaner engines.


For easy connection of a chainsaw to a harness. Robust construction. Optimised for T540XP®/T536LiXP®

Chainsaws sharpened while you wait

Finance available on all product ranges
To book your machine in for a service
call 028 7086 8210

After sales support from A McIlrath & Son

We don’t just sell you a garden gadget and wave you goodbye. The team at A McIlrath & Son takes pride in offering after sales support not matter how small or large your purchase. If you are having any problems or issues with your mower, saw, trimmer or strimmer just give us a call. We will do everything we can to make sure you are getting the best use out of your garden equipment.

Tel: 028 7086 8210
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