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We provide top notch axes and forest tools for all the tough arborist jobs in Coleraine. As one of Coleraine County’s largest suppliers of Husqvarna equipment, you can trust that every tool we sell is of the highest quality and perfectly suited for your needs. If you’re looking for further arborist equipment, check out our selection of top handle chainsaws and pole saws.

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Arborist tools & equipment for Coleraine County

As an arborist, safety is paramount especially when working high above the ground. To make working and climbing trees easier and safer, Husqvarna has developed a range of arborist climbing equipment, which includes hooks, strops and eyelets for your top handle chainsaw, and an arborist helmet suitable for working in high up in the trees.

Axes for every Coleraine forestry job

Husqvarna has a range felling axes, hatchets and splitting axes suitable for a variety of garden or forestry tasks. Built with composite handles for increased strength and durability, Husqvarna axes are fitted with a soft grip for improved comfort and handling. The axe heads are covered in a non-stick coating reducing the friction and effort required when cutting or splitting wood in Coleraine County.

Forest tools that get the job done

Clearing knives and axes – For clearing brush and undergrowth in the forest, or delimbing trees.

Impact and breaking bars – Breaking bars are used for felling relatively small trees. They come in different variants that provide different amounts of felling force.

Lifting hooks and tongs – To lift, turn and move logs. The handle has an ergonomic design and a soft shape for a comfortable and better grip.

Marking tapes and sprays – Our marking tapes come in two versions – with one or two colours – both made of 100% biodegradable viscose pulp. If spray is more convenient choose our marking paint in aerosol cans.

Pruning saws – Easy and effective at the same time – a pruning saw is ideal for any smaller sawing work in the garden and other outdoor activities. Choose between practical folding models, depending on what your job is.

Tool belts – Get ready for work with a practical tool belt. It comes complete with belt, two holsters, rear tool carrier, lifting hook, lifting tong and measuring tape.

Felling & splitting wedges – A splitting wedge is used to split firewood manually. A felling wedge is used when felling trees of all different sizes. Sometimes several wedges are needed. We offer a range of felling and splitting wedges in a variety of different sizes and materials including polyamide, magnesium, and aluminium.

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