Zero-turn mowers for your garden in Coleraine County


Our zero-turn mowers feature a wide cutting deck, high cutting speed and the ability to turn on its own axis, ensuring that even the most extensive mowing needs are met. Our zero-turn mower experts can help you find the perfect mower effectively, quickly and easily. Looking to get your garden business off the ground? Check out our selection of professional mowers and ride-on mowers.

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professional LAWN Mowers

Professional Mowers

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Commercial Front Mowers

Let our Coleraine based garden tractor experts assist you in finding the perfect mower

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For wide horizons

Capable and effective even if you have larger areas to cut.

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No uncut areas left behind

Rotate around your own axis, without leaving the turning radius and uncut areas behind.

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A strong partner, built to last

Made for extra durability and effective results, with a chassis of massive steel tube and a powerful engine.

Our zero-turn mowers turn on the spot and leave nothing behind

Our zero-turn mower steering system essentially means turning on the spot. An individual, hydraulic wheel-drive provides your zero-turn mower with precise manoeuvring and allows it to rotate around its own axis, without the turning radius and uncut areas being left behind in your Coleraine garden.

Thanks to the vibration-isolated platform, the zero-turn mower will give you a pleasant ride as well. Rubber isolators set your hands, body and feet apart from the frame, which means less fatigue during operation and ergonomic operations at all times. The robust, pedal-operated deck lift system enables you to operate your machine

Versatile and strong, zero turn mowers at your service

Heavy work means increased strain to your machine. Since our zero-turn mowers are designed alongside our commercial models they are made for extra durability, with a large steel tube chassis and powerful engines. The open design also allows for more convenient servicing and reduced debris build-up. In short, this means that our zero-turn mower experts can help make your mower last for many years.

Our zero-turn mowers have a low centre of gravity, which gives them traction and stability even when the surface is rough and uneven. Large, wide rear wheels put less pressure on the lawn surface, which means they will flatten your grass less and let you access even the trickiest parts. The efficient cooling system will let your mower operate at an optimal temperature for long periods – even on the hottest day in Coleraine.


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Let our zero-turn mower experts help you find the best solution for your needs in Coleraine

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