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We offer a wide range of professional lawn mowers with different cutting methods, from push lawn mowers through to all types of ride-on lawn mowers. Regardless of the challenges you’re facing, with our professional lawn mowers you will get the job done, with a first class result.

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Professional Robotic Lawn Mowers

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Garden Tractors

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Battery Lawn Mowers

Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-Turn Mowers

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Petrol Lawn Mowers

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Ride on Mowers

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Professional Mowers

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Why choose our professional lawn mowers in Coleraine?

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Use it with ease

No muscle tension or injuries when using our Husqvarna supplied lawn mower, just a pleasant experience close to nature.

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Designed for tough work

Our professional lawn mowers are equipped with a one-piece cutting deck. It enables you to operate in a stable way with robust performance.

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Get it done efficiently

Through function and ergonomics we have kept the focus on ensuring you get the results you expected from our lawn mowers.

Our lawn mowers save your back - and time

All our professional lawn mowers, including our push lawn mowers are efficient and provide excellent ergonomics as you mow your lawn. So whether you choose a model with a single or variable transmission you can expect a reliable performance for your needs. Your lawn mower, including our self propelled lawn mowers, will prevent you from getting unnecessary muscle tension and injuries. What’s more – it will give you a pleasant experience close to nature. In one of our lawn mowers you will have an accomplished and confident partner. The compact design will give you excellent manoeuvrability and the vibration-dampening handles make the operation ergonomic. A robust framework and elaborate details also means extended durability and easy maintenance. View our extensive list of self-propelled lawn mowers.


Get the perfect touch on your lawn in Coleraine

One step towards a perfect lawn is that perfect length. Our professional lawn mowers will be quick and easy to adjust. With just one lever you control the whole deck. Thanks to AFTech; the unique design feature where the cutting deck, blade and chute produce optimum airflow. You will get reliable results from all cutting modes on your grass mower. When collecting it helps fill the collector to the optimum level, so there is less emptying (LC348V only).

Petrol lawn mowers

Our petrol lawn mowers are powered by modern, clean and efficient engines by Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki and Honda. With features such as ReadyStart enabling easy starting first time, every time and vibration-reducing handle bars, Husqvarna petrol lawnmowers offer the perfect balance of performance and ergonomics, whether you’re a home cutting your lawn with one of our self propelled lawn mowers or a professional user.

Battery lawn mowers

We have a wide range of battery & electric lawn mowers. For a quieter mowing experience you may be interested in a Husqvarna battery lawn mower such as the LC 141Li. This grass mower is powered by the universal Husqvarna BLi-battery, the LC 141Li battery mower is lightweight, powerful and capable of mowing an average-sized garden quickly and quietly on just a single charge.

Robotic lawn mowers

Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work. Our robotic lawn mowers aren’t just a garden lawn mower. It’s a robotic concept that does the work for you — without your supervision, around the clock.

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