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Be confident to get the job done, no matter what situation you are facing. A lightweight pole saw from Husqvarna is easy to manoeuvre and provides powerful assistance with its rapid acceleration. A telescopic long reach pole saw for tree trimming will help you achieve the result you’re striving for – without using a ladder or sky lift. We also offer a wide selection of of petrol chainsaws and electric chainsaws to meet all your wood chopping needs in Coleraine.

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What sets Husqvarna pole saws apart in Coleraine County?

A Mcilrath and Son

User friendly

Our long reach pole saws are ergonomically designed to make you work smarter and effectively.

A Mcilrath and Son

Perform with power

The lightweight pole saws are easy to manoeuvre and thanks to their rapid acceleration, you can cut hard to reach breaches with ease.

A Mcilrath and Son

Reduce your impact on nature

Husqvarna petrol pole saws are made for fuel efficiency and low emissions.

Pole saws designed with the environment in mind

Together we have the power to minimise our environmental influence. That’s why Husqvarna pole saws are designed for fuel efficiency as well as low emissions. It will benefit your working environment as well as the environment as a whole.

Husqvarna pole saws are smart and ergonomically sound

Husqvarna pole saws are equipped with several intelligent features to benefit from. The Smart Start® function enables you to start quickly with minimum effort, and the inertia balancing wheel reduces vibration, resulting in an improved cutting performance.

With a comfortable harness, soft handles and a flexible suspension, that reduces stress on your arms, a lightweight pole saw from Husqvarna will always be an ergonomic and comfortable partner to rely on.


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