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Whether you’re felling trees, chopping firewood or clearing large patches of land, Husqvarna has a petrol chainsaw to complete the job quickly and easily in Coleraine. Our range incorporates models to suit every need, from essential saws for smaller tasks, to market-leading professional models tailored to the most demanding of jobs. Looking for an electric chainsaw or pole saw? We can help you there too!

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What makes Husqvarna petrol chainsaws the best in Coleraine County?

A Mcilrath and Son

Easy to Start

Our Smart Start feature reduces the resistance in the starter cord up to 40% making these petrol chainsaws easy to start.

A Mcilrath and Son

Less filter cleaning

With Husqvarna’s Air Injection cleaning system you will be able to work longer without cleaning the air filter.

A Mcilrath and Son

Use 20% less fuel

Husqvarna’s X-Torq engine reduces fuel consumption up to 20% and exhaust emissions up to 75% for a more pleasant working environment.

Our petrol chainsaws have power in versatility

Our petrol chainsaw range is designed with versatility in mind. With advanced technological features that help you make light of any challenge, each petrol saw can be utilised for a broad spectrum of jobs from casual home and garden use to professional arborist and forestry work. With Husqvarna petrol chainsaws, no job is too big or too small.

Husqvarna petrol chainsaws are known for power and efficiency

Husqvarna petrol chainsaws are known for their power, but this doesn’t mean they compromise on efficiency. Robust X-Torq® engines mean every model, from our small petrol chainsaws right up to the larger, professional saws in the Husqvarna range, delivers supreme performance and exceptionally low fuel consumption. This means Husqvarna petrol chainsaws run for even longer on a single tank of fuel.

Our petrol chainsaws offer modern accessibility in Coleraine

The days when petrol chainsaws produced excessive noise, emissions and vibrations are long gone; Husqvarna champions accessibility and ease of use. LowVib® technology makes handle vibrations as low-impact as possible, while SmartStart® means you can start and stop your chainsaw without the risk of flooding the engine. Alongside other extras such as heated handles, the Husqvarna range helps you work comfortably, whatever the weather.

Our Husqvarna petrol chainsaws feature:

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