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We have a range of electric chainsaws for almost any need. Our range of Husqvarna electric chainsaws include corded electric chainsaws for chopping firewood to cordless electric chainsaws for professional use, designed to tackle the most demanding of tasks. All Husqvarna chainsaws are lightweight, durable and offer the power to get the job done. We also offer a wide range of petrol chainsaws and pole saws for all your wood chopping needs.

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See the difference a Husqvarna electric chainsaw can make in Coleraine County

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Easy to Start

Electric chainsaws are easy to start in all weather conditions – hot or cold.

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Instant Power & Torque

Unlike a petrol chainsaw, when you pull the trigger on an electric chainsaw you instantly receive power turning the chain.

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Work with nature in mind

Electric chainsaws emit zero direct emissions making them environmentally friendly, and are much quieter than petrol models making for a more pleasant working environment.a

Our electric chainsaws can increase your productivity

Husqvarna electric chainsaws are not only powerful, but they are kind to the environment too. They are not only quieter than a petrol saw, but they emit no direct emissions too making for a much pleasanter working environment. Don’t be fooled. You don’t need to compromise on power and performance just because you are using an electric chainsaw. Our saws are high in torque, making for a powerful electric chainsaw that is as powerful as its petrol equivalent.

Electric chainsaws for cordless freedom

An electric chainsaw is ideal if you are working somewhere where a power cable can’t reach – like the far end of the garden. Cordless electric chainsaws allow you to work in a multitude of different working environments including indoors.

Husqvarna’s range of professional battery chainsaws are designed to tackle tougher, more challenging tasks. Each chainsaw is easily and effortlessly started started by pressing a single button on their intuitive keypads. They also come with a savE function that puts the electric saw into power saving mode to prolong the run time of the battery when performing less demanding task.

Husqvarna electric chainsaws offer quiet operation in suburban Coleraine

For a professional, one of the biggest advantages of using an electric chainsaw is how quiet they are. This allows them to work in noise sensitive environments for longer periods of time, without the same disruption to the people and environment around them that a petrol chainsaw can cause.

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