Pressure washers for all your tough jobs in Coleraine


Our high pressure washers offer all the quality and intuitive operation you need for your tough cleaning jobs in Coleraine. Each model is optimised for maximum cleaning performance and designed for a great user experience. Clever swivel functions, quick connections, durable metal pumps, high-traction wheels and generous hose lengths are a few of the many features that help you get a perfect result. Other than our high quality Husqvarna pressure washers, we also offer a wide range of professional leaf blowers and work wear for all your clean up needs.

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Trimming & Clearing

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Soil & Ground

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Repairs, Parts and Maintenance

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Other Accessories

Experience the difference of a Husqvarna pressure washer in Coleraine County

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Metal Pump

The pump is made of metal to minimise the risk of breakage and to give your product a long lifetime.

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Long and Flexible Hose

The hose has a generous length and a high flexibility to make your work easier and reduce the risk of tangling.

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Easy Connection

Cable, hose, nozzles and attachments are all quickly and easily connected for a fast set-up.

Pressure washers with precision and efficiency

Our pressure washers offer all the quality and intuitive operation you expect from Husqvarna. Get a fresher look to your vehicles, garden furniture, walls, stone settings or patio – your Husqvarna pressure washer is prepared to take on just about any space outside where dirt and dust has gathered.

Add a complete range of accessories, and you will always have full control over your work. If you know us, we would never have it any other way – and we are pretty sure that goes for you too.

The complete range of Husqvarna pressure washers

All Husqvarna pressure washers have been built for maximum cleaning performance and high durability. The user experience has been carefully and purposefully designed, with generous hose lengths, quick connections, and swivel functions that prevent the hose from tangling.

Get the most out of your pressure washer in Coleraine County

Add versatility and more cleaning power by picking up some of the many great accessories available for your Husqvarna pressure washer.

Keep everything clean with our pressure washers, including your conscience

Nature’s own cleaning fluid has unexpected powers — something you will discover with the new Husqvarna high pressure washers. Water’s washing performance is hard to beat when combined with world-leading technology and engineering. As there is limited access to water in many areas, you do not want to waste any of it. A Husqvarna pressure washer actually uses about 80% less water to get the job done when compared to a regular hose.


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