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A fuel with a clean conscience

When you care about the environment and your own wellbeing, the type of fuel you choose for your equipment can make a big difference. We are pleased to be able to sell Aspen environmentally friendly fuels.

Aspen 4 is the cleanest petrol that you can use. Aspen is made from alkylate petrol which is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which are synthetically modified into a liquid again. We can supply 4-stroke and 2-stroke petrol which is much cleaner and can be used in your equipment without modification.

Outstanding features include:

  • A petrol that is virtually free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents)
  • Is ethanol free
  • Is chemically inert - can leave the fuel in machinery and will start easily next time
  • A low odour - you are breathing much cleaner air when working with your power tools

Take a look at some of our fuel range

Aspen eco fuel


Pre-mixed 2-stroke alkylate petrol suitable for all air cooled 2-stroke engines.
High quality, high performance mix for maximum protection and low smoke.
Available in 1 l bottle, 5 l can and 200 l drum.
Aspen eco fuel


Alkylate 4-stroke petrol is the cleanest petrol you can use.   With Aspen 4 you will discover a much cleaner and more environmentally friendly way to cut your lawn.
Available in 1 l bottle, 5 l can and 200 l drum.
man using a chainsaw with aspen eco fuel

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Finance available on all product ranges
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Where to find A McIlrath & Son

Located on the Glenkeen Road just off the A54 heading south out of Coleraine, why not pop in and browse our extensive stock of mowers, chain saws and safety equipment. Our knowledgeable team is ready and waiting to offer advice and information on all our garden machinery.

50 Glenkeen Road
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Tel: 028 7086 8210

Tel: 028 7086 8210
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